Vegan and Vegetarian

Let’s eat plant-based cuz it’s so dang good

There are lots of good social, environmental, health, and even moral rationales for emphasizing plant-based cuisine. Here’s our main reason: Popular demand. More than 25% of all Tufts students self-identify as vegan or vegetarian. (Haven’t tried it yet? Prepare to be amazed.)

Best of the best? Ask the herbivore next door

Meet Susannah Murray from Santa Fe. Susannah recently posted her Ultimate Ranking of the Top Ten Vegetarian Meals Served by Tufts Dining. Excerpts appear below. Why not try some of her faves and see if you agree?

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Get a Taste of Susannah’s Top 10

#10. Quinoa-Stuffed Green Peppers at Dewick’s ALL9Free

All9Free, our allergen-free platform within Dewick, serves daily vegan menu items.

What makes the peppers a Top 10 pick, Susannah? “With the tasty quinoa mix, you’re getting tons of vitamins and protein (woohoo!) all wrapped up in a deliciously grilled green pepper.”

#8. Chickpea Salad on a Bagel from Pax et Lox

Our Glatt Kosher deli offers numerous meat-free options, from a fabulous vegan tofu bahn mi to made-to-order sandwiches like Susannah’s favorite. She calls it “the ultimate pick-me-up between classes or on an afternoon study break.”

#7. Build-Your-Own Taco Station at ALL9Free

Dewick’s vegetarian and vegan options are all made with organic whole grains and legumes, plant-based proteins, and veggies. Susannah’s taco reco: “A base of brown rice, then add black beans with poblano, pico, corn, onions, and a big scoop of guac right on top.”

#4. Mediterranean Night at Fresh at Carmichael

At our uphill dining center, you’ll find an abundance of plant-based options, including hearty salads, soups, and pizza. Susannah: “Mediterranean Night has more possible meals than Tufts has majors — and they’re all first-class.”

#4. Ultimate Chocolate Cheesecake

Most desserts at Fresh at Carmichael and Dewick are vegetarian, and many are vegan. Susannah on her #4 pick: “It’s the cheesecake of your dreams, I promise.”

#1. Greens and Grains Bowl at Hodgdon

Hodg offers a variety of made-to-order, plant-based dishes. What led Susannah to give HodgPodge bowls her  #1 ranking? Customization. “You’re in control of every layer.”

2 pointers on plant-based dining

Here are suggestions from Kelly Shaw MS RD, our Nutrition Specialist:

“One quick way to spot vegan and vegetarian options is to look for the V (for vegetarian) or VG (for vegan) symbol on our Food Fact cards — they’re posted near all the foods we serve. You can also look up ingredients for our menus on our Online Nutrition Interface.

“Deep-fried foods like French fries and mozzarella sticks may look vegetarian, but the same oil may have been used to fry fish or chicken. When in doubt, ask one of our managers, or stick to the dedicated vegetarian stations in Dewick and Fresh at Carmichael.”

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