Nutrition Facts

Let’s know what’s in the foods we eat

As consumers, we should all insist on transparency — particularly when we’re consuming food.

Get a complete nutrition report on virtually every food we serve

It’s easy. Here’s how:

  1. Pick where you want to eat.
  2. Open up the menu. (Check the legend in the left column for help finding vegan, vegetarian, allergen-free, and other options.)
  3. Click on the apple at the top of the menu.
  4. Check off what you want to eat and click “Show Report”.

Our Online Nutrition Interface will serve up a report that spells out everything from fat grams to fiber content. Why not try it now?

Meals for Sick Students OR Send a Friend!

Meals for Sick Students - Send a Friend

Are you sick or injured and can't make it to a dining center?

No Problem! Send a Friend to pick up a meal for you.

(PLEASE NOTE:  This is not the Dining2You program for those students living in the MODs related to COVID-19 and does NOT deliver to students who are injured or not feeling well. 

But, if you are injured or not feeling well, you can always send a willing friend, suitemate, or an RA to pick your food and drinks up for you for Fresh at Carmichael or Dewick-MacPhie.  This IS for you)


  1. Choose which dining center you would like to order food from - either Fresh at Carmichael or Dewick-MacPhie.
  2. Use to decide what you would like from the dining menu for Carmichael or the dining menu for Dewick-MacPhie
  3. Send an email to  for Fresh at Carmichael or for Dewick. Please include your 
    1. Name
    2. Tufts ID Number
    3. Expected duration of your illness or injury
    4. What food you would like
    5. What time someone will pick up your meal
    6. Name of the person who will pick up your meal
  1. Send your friend to the dining center at the requested time, and we'll have the meal ready for pick up.  Whoever you designate needs to identify themselves to the greeter, who will direct them to your food.

Your meal plan will be charged for each meal taken through "send a friend"

Have questions about "send a friend" or other dining options?  Feel free to contact us at  We hope you feel better soon!