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Dewick-MacPhie Dining CenterAnything but Ordinary “Downhill” Dining

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To get food at Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center, you reserve a time on the Tufts Dining Mobile App. Show up at your designated time, don’t forget! Then walk through Dewick’s serving line, select your menu for takeout (with physical distancing, of course), and head out with your delectable meal. Don’t forget, we’ll serve you and put your food in takeout containers. There is no self-serve (except where designated).

Bring your reusable bag!!! With SO much takeout, we need you to recycle NOW more than ever. ALL of our containers are fully recyclable (rinse or empty first, please!).

Seating: there is limited seating: first come first serve. Please limit your stay to 45 minutes and observe the safety guidelines. 

Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center boasts a great variety of delicious food made from scratch. From homemade soups that change daily to pizza baked on our own dough made with local wheat and local tomato sauce to grilled and slow-roasted meats and fish. Dewick-MacPhie also has the largest selection of vegetarian and vegan food on campus. Yes, plant-based grain bowls and hot entrees abound. You can count on dishes inspired from around the world. Try our curries, customizable Bi Bim Bap, Grilled Morroccan Chicken or Tofu, Thai Salmon, and a wealth of other NEW flavors and dishes. 

At Dewick, you’ll also discover our allergen-free platform: ALL9FREE. Everyone is welcomed to select delectable menu items that are free of the top 9 allergens. We bet you will love the ALL9FREE Taco Bar. All food this fall will be served to you in takeout containers. Please recycle. Just rinse or empty your container and put in a recycling bin on campus. 

Like Carmichael, most of the flavorful food is prepared on the spot by our own chefs. Dewick is a favorite destination—and our main downhill location where you can get crazy good food using your meal plan. 

As you get used to the new ways, look for our smiles beneath our masks! Smile back! Students make our day sweeter. Speaking of sweet, our homemade desserts baked daily aren’t going anywhere except out the door with you!

Check out today’s menu to find out more.


Dewick's Gluten-Free and Tree Nut/Peanut-Free Dining

There is a gluten-free and tree nut/peanut-free pantry at Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center. To access the pantry, schedule a consultation with Tufts Dining’s dietitian:

Kelly Shaw MS RD
Nutrition Specialist
Tufts Dining

Special Events

Beyond Dewick's anything-but-ordinary takeout menus are fun-themed dining events. Students love our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, our Dim Sum Brunch for Chinese New Year, and our holiday meals. We will have food-themed events this spring, too, so be prepared to be delighted. Check out our events page to see some of our past events and follow Tufts Dining on Facebook and Twitter to get sneak previews of the events the day before. 


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