Your Meal Plan

NOTE:  Today (10/29/21) by 5:00 pm is the last day to cancel or make changes to your meal plan.  

Let’s plan to eat well all the time

Life at Tufts is full of big challenges. Foraging for your food shouldn’t be one of them.

Here’s how to get the most out of your meal plan

Your meal plan is your key to tons of great food options, right on campus

Just think: Within a five-minute walk of the Jumbo statue, you’ll find nine different dining venues. You can choose from ever-changing, truly global menus that support your dietary needs and preferences. And at most locations, all you need to do is use your swipes to enjoy it all. Just your Tufts ID and a Tufts Dining meal plan or meal equivalent.

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This is when you need to enroll in your Fall meal plan by

(Or as a Tufts English professor might say: “This date is that by which, in a Fall meal plan, one must enroll.”)

If you’re a new undergrad, you’re auto-enrolled in the full meal plan. Congrats. You’re all set. Nothing more to do. Bon appétit.

After your first year, you have multiple meal plan options to choose from. They’re all designed to give you outstanding value and convenience. You just need to choose by August 15. But why wait until the last minute?

Enroll now