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One of the best things about food is sharing, isn’t it? Okay, maybe you’re not planning to give away half your Ultimate Chocolate Cheesecake. (And we don’t blame you. It really is that good.) But there are so many great things about food at Tufts that we can all share. For example:

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Our stories. Want to get to know your Tufts Dining Family better? Visit Our Team page and learn about the incredible individuals who stir your soup, bake your spanakopita, recycle your yogurt cups, and make all the deliciousness happen.

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Our work. If you like food, fun, and working with people who treat you like family, here’s a thought: Why not get paid to be part of it? Grab an apron, head over to Tufts Dining Jobs, and get a look at some pretty sweet opportunities.

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Questions and ideas. Is there something you’d like to know about dining at Tufts? Got a suggestion on how to make things even better? Let us know what’s on your mind. After all, that’s what family’s for.

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