Updated 6/14/21 What’s New in Dining for Summer?

Meal Plans

The 2020-21 academic year will be a different experience for us all, including how we eat. More than a necessity, mealtime is an important way to connect with friends, share traditions, and take a much-needed break from other aspects of daily life. How we operate our on-campus dining facilities will be informed by current guidance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as local health departments, which define standards for physical distancing and cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many new practices adopted in 2020-21 are a reflection of these new standards. For more information on the new practices and standards, see Tufts’ FAQs specific to Dining.

All dining will be takeout even when seating is available. NEW this year you can use your meal plan swipes at ALL locations. Most locations will offer mobile ordering.

At Tufts Dining we remain committed to providing fresh, flavorful food and menu variety that supports your health, wellness, and food preferences. Our chefs have been busy developing new recipes packed with nutritious flavor (including for All9FREE—our allergen free platform at Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center).

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, or something heartier, we’ve got options for everyone!

Find Your Plan

Tufts Dining meal plans are a great way to enjoy the delicious, fresh, award-winning food on campus. With a number of different options to satisfy both your stomach and your wallet, our meal plans have you covered. Be sure to enroll in a plan by August 15, 2020.

More Ways to Pay

Learn about the different possibilities beyond meal plans for turning your Tufts ID into an easy, cashless way to pay for meals and more using JumboCash, Rhino Bucks, or Meal Money.

Welcome to the Herd

New to Tufts? Learn more about all that Tufts Dining has to offer.