Updated 6/14/21 What’s New in Dining for Summer?

SMFA CaféFood + Fuel for the Artsy Crowd

We know many of you will be working hard this semester in your SMFA studios, and we want you to know we are here to serve you. The SMFA Cafe is open. 

Sustainable, fair-trade Coffee? Check. Homebaked muffins, cookies, scones, and brownies? Check. Fresh fruit? Of course! Burgers made to order? Yes. Salads and sandwiches packaged in recyclable containers? Absolutely. Please just rinse the containers then recycle. NOTE: Coffee cups and lids are not recyclable. Who knew?

Stop by the SMFA Cafe with your mask on, and let us know what you want. Or even better... order on our NEW Mobile Ordering APP from anywhere, then come to pick your order up when it's ready. It's easy and convenient. 

We'll have our PPE on and following CDC, Board of Health, and Tufts protocol for safety. We're back and we'll be glad to see you when you get back... on the SMFA campus that is!


How do you use your meal plan at the SMFA Café? Different plans have different options at the SMFA Café.

For example, Tufts and SMFA at Tufts students on Medford/Somerville Meal Plans, each meal period has a Dollar Equivalent. For any purchases that exceed the Meal Plan Equivalent below, the difference can be paid with JumboCash, Rhino Bucks, cash, or a credit card. More info...

Student Meal Plan Equivalent for each meal at SMFA Café:

  • Breakfast: $7.45
  • Lunch: $12.41
  • Dinner: $14.07
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