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Dining2YOUDelivery for Students in Close Contact Quarantine & Isolation

Dining2YOU is Tufts’ meal delivery service for students in COVID-related close contact quarantine and isolation during the 2020-21 academic year. This new concept created by Tufts Dining supports the wellbeing of Tufts students during quarantine or isolation. 

How Dining2YOU works:

Our Tufts Dining team will prepare healthy, nutritionally balanced meals for brunch and dinner seven (7) days a week during your stay in Close Contact Quarantine or while in Isolation on the Somerville/Medford campus. Dining2YOU is only for students who have been told to quarantine or isolate.

  • Students order from “Dining2YOU” via the Tufts Dining Mobile App (Transact Mobile). 
  • Students select menu items of their choice from the App. There are also snacks to choose from such as yogurt, milk, fruit, juice, chips, breakfast pastries, granola bars, and more. Bottled water is included with each meal. 
  • The meals are then delivered to students’ doors for brunch and dinner daily. For students in MODS, meals are delivered just inside the main entrance of the MOD and labeled. 
  • Dining2YOU delivery is only for students in Close Contact Quarantine or Isolation on the Medford/Somerville campus and who reside within a 2.5 mile radius of campus. Those students instructed to go into Close Contact Quarantine or Isolation who reside more than 2.5 miles from campus will qualify for daily Uber Eats credits. 
  • Students on meal plans will have one meal deducted each time they order from Dining2You. Students not on meal plans are eligible, cost may be waved.
  • For students on meal plans who are just not feeling well or are injured and may be unable to pick up meals themselves, we offer Meals for Sick Students options, NOT through Dining2YOU.

Dietary Preferences and Allergies:

Our meals accommodate dietary preferences, food allergies, and intolerances. Students should indicate any allergies or foods they avoid while ordering where indicated (in the Room Number/Allergies/Phone Number Box on the App). 

Dining2YOU Delivery Times: 

Brunch Meals generally arrive between 11am and 12.30pm. Order by 11am. 

Dinner Meals generally arrive between 5pm and 6:30pm; order by 5pm. 

NOTE: We may experience delays in meal delivery. If you have not received your brunch order by 1:00pm or your dinner by 6:30 pm, please reach out to Dining2YOU@Tufts.edu.

Inclement Weather:

It is possible that winter weather may delay or adjust how we deliver your meals. Please contact Dining2YOU@Tufts.edu if you have any questions. 

Want to let us know how we are doing? We’d love to hear from you if you are or were in our Dining2YOU program: Email Dining2YOU@Tufts.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

More about Dining2YOU

We have had very positive reviews of our Dining2YOU program. All food is prepared on campus by our own staff and chefs. Student meals may need to be reheated in microwaves available in the MODS. All food is delivered in recyclable containers. Please rinse containers out clean, then recycle all plastic containers in recycling bins. We know that quarantine and isolation can be challenging. It is our pleasure to provide Tufts students with freshly prepared, delicious, and nutritious food to support health and wellness. 

Have questions about meal delivery for close contact quarantine or isolation? Please email Dining2YOU@Tufts.edu (emails sent at night will be responded to between 7-8am the next morning). 



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