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Dining2YOUDelivery for Students in Quarantine and Isolation

Dining2YOU is Tufts’ meal delivery service and is only used for students in close contact quarantine and isolation. Meal delivery is a new concept created by Tufts Dining and offered by Tufts University to all students to support their wellbeing during close contact quarantine or isolation. Our Tufts Dining team prepares healthy, nutritionally balanced meals for brunch and dinner that students order via the Tufts Dining Mobile App and are delivered to their door.  

Students will be contacted via email to begin ordering and can customize the meals, select snacks such as yogurt, milk, fruit, juice, crunchy and sweet goods, and more. Bottled water and fresh fruit are included with each meal. Our meals accommodate dietary preferences and allergens. Students are asked to indicate any allergies or foods they avoid by writing allergens in the Room Number/Allergies box when prompted during checkout. 

The Dining2YOU meal delivery program is only for students in quarantine and isolation at the Medford/Somerville campus, and SMFA students living on the Medford/Somerville campus. To be eligible, students must have had a first COVID test at the Arrival Test site in the Gantcher Center. Once the first test has been administered, the student can begin ordering from Dining2You. Continued eligibility is determined by test results shared securely with Tufts Dining. Once cleared or if the student is placed on Extended Arrival Quarantine, delivery service is no longer needed, and access is deactivated.  

Generally, Arrival Quarantine is approximately 24-36 hours, so two to three meals are available. Close Contact Quarantine is typically 14 days, so 28 meals are available. Isolation is typically 10 days, so 20 meals are available.  Students on meal plans will have one meal deducted each time they order from Dining2You. Students not on meal plans are eligible; the cost is waved.  

We have had very positive reviews of the food we are serving. All food is prepared on campus by our own staff and chefs. A meal typically includes fresh fruit, snacks, entrees with sides served hot in recyclable containers, and two bottled waters. Please recycle all plastic containers: first rinse out or wipe clean, then place in recycling bins.  

Brunch Meals generally arrive between 11a-12:30p; order by 11am.  

Dinner Meals generally arrive between 5p-6:30p; order by 5pm. 

We know that quarantine and isolation can be challenging and are pleased to provide students with freshly prepared, delicious food to support health and wellness. 

Any questions about meal delivery for quarantine or isolation, please email tuftsdining@tufts.edu.  




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