What’s New this Spring?

Carm2 & Dewick2

Carm2 & Dewick2Mobile Order Take Out Meal Exchange Only

Carm2 & Dewick2

This spring starting immediately, Carm2 and Dewick2 are where you order food online for pickup at Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers. All food on campus is currently mobile order and pickup for takeout. Use  Carm2 and Dewick2 on the App to select your food, then check out and pick up at the dining centers main entrances. Hours are posted for Carm2 and Dewick2 on our website and in the App. We look forward to serving you!

Carmichael (order via Carm2) opens for preorder and takeout January 18, 2021 limited hours.

Dewick-MacPhie (order via Dewick2) opens for preorder and takeout January 28, 2021 limited hours.

Breakfast: 8a-10.30a
Lunch: 11a-4.30p
Dinner: 5.00p-close

Hours include cleaning time between meals.
Note: Carmichael opens at 11a Saturday, Dewick opens at 11a Sunday

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