What's new at Dining Fall 2020

Tufts Meal Plan Takeout

Tufts Meal Plan Takeout at Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers

Students on a Meal Plan or Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff with Meals on their ID Cards, can use the Meal Plan Takeout program.

How Tufts Meal Plan Takeout works:

  • Ask for a container (and to borrow silverware if you need it) at the greeter station when you are ready to use Meal Plan Takeout.
  • The greeter will hold your ID after you swipe in for a meal.
  • Fill the container, get your ID and take it all with you.
  • Return the container empty (but not necessarily washed) to either Carmichael or Dewick-MacPhie (it doesn’t matter where you got it from).
  • Get another container to use for takeout or get a Tufts Meal Plan Takeout carabineer clip to hold onto. Keep the clip. Exchange it for a container when you are ready to take out a meal again. It’s easy.

Think about taking a meal to class, returning the container to the nearest Dining Center for a carabineer clip so you don’t have to lug the container around.

Some FUN and SERIOUS Facts:

  • Your ID Card is being held while you collect your food and your meal swipe is for takeout only.
  • Don’t eat in the dining center then takeout. That’s not part of the plan.
  • Do fill your container as much as you’d like and take a piece of fruit or a cookie with you.
  • Don’t reuse the container. It’s NOT sanitary and Board of Health compliant. We sanitize all containers! Avoid cross contamination for yourself and others!
  • Do let us know if a container is damaged. We will exchange it.
  • Do return silverware if you take the loaner silverware with the container.
  • Don’t lose the clip or container.
  • If you don’t have the carabineer clip or the container, you will be charged $5.00 for a new one.
  • Know the containers are fully recyclable and that the Tufts Meal Plan Takeout Program is sustainable!