Alert Tufts Dining COVID-19 UPDATE: Dewick2GO, located in Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center will be the only on-campus location open this summer and will serve takeout food prepared to order 7 days a week.

Vegetarian & Vegan: Plant-Based Dining at Tufts

Over 20 percent of Tufts students prefer eating a plant-based diet. Numerous vegetarian and vegan options are available at Tufts' dining centers, cafés, and the Commons Marketplace.

Dining Centers

At both Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers, there is always an abundance of delicious plant-based menu items to satisfy vegans and vegetarians alike. Each has a dedicated station serving a variety of vegetarian cuisine, a daily vegetarian soup, and at least one vegetarian pizza featured.

Carmichael’s Plant-Based Options

Carmichael’s vegetarian station features entrées, organic legumes,
organic whole grains, and vegetables. Unique to Carmichael is an
action station with additional, customizable plant-based choices.
“Stir-Fry to Order” has broad appeal to vegetarians—students can
choose from a variety of vegetables, proteins, and sauces to make
a customized meal. “Omelets to Order” is also popular with
lacto/ovo vegetarians.

Dewick-MacPhie’s Plant-Based Options

“Beans, Greens & Grains” is the dedicated vegetarian station at
Dewick and features a minimum of three vegetarian entrées (and at least
one vegan entrée) at lunch and dinner, plus organic whole grains,
organic legumes, and vegetables. Other plant-based items may be found
at the “Create-Your-Own” area, “the Noodlery,” and “Hot Stuff” stations in
Dewick. In the serving area look at the numerous Food Fact Cards to identify
additional choices. Vegetarian and vegan items are noted with (V) or VG on
the Food Fact Cards. Ingredients are also listed on Food Fact Cards making
it easy to identify foods.


All desserts at Carmichael and Dewick are vegetarian. In addition, there
are some specifically vegan desserts served. Look for a vegan brownie,
a vegan Craisin® oat bar, a NEW vegan apple spice cake with vegan maple
buttercream, a NEW vegan blueberry oat bar, and a NEW vegan chocolate
cake with vanilla frosting. Soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt served daily
are both vegetarian. Vegan sorbet is usually available when scooped
ice cream is served.

Organic Food in the Dining Centers

Most of the grains and beans on the vegetarian lines at Carmichael and Dewick
are organic. Organic choices include:

  • the majority of our whole grains—brown rice, quinoa, wheat berries, barley,
    and bulgur
  • all legumes—including edamame (soybeans), lentils, garbanzo,
    kidney, pinto, and black beans
  • whole-wheat pasta and couscous
  • the majority of the granolas
  • natural peanut butter

A Note About Frying Oil

Deep-fried foods that may appear to be vegetarian, such as French fries and
mozzarella sticks, are fried in oil that may have been used to fry fish or
chicken. If you are concerned about foods that might be commingled with
non-vegetarian foods, please choose deep-fried foods served only on the
vegetarian lines at Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie.

Food Fact Cards

Food Fact Cards are a great tool for vegetarians and vegans. The cards list
nutrient facts, ingredients, and allergens. They are posted for everything
served at Carmichael and Dewick’s vegetarian stations. On these cards,
entrées are labeled either (V) (Vegetarian) or VG (Vegan).
Please read Food Fact Cards closely to determine if the food fits your
dietary preference.


For questions regarding vegetarian nutrition, please contact Kelly Shaw MS RD,
Tufts Dining’s Nutrition Specialist. Kelly is familiar with the ingredients of our
menu items and is experienced with the food preparation and handling processes
at Tufts Dining. She can advise you on ways you can manage your vegetarian
diet while at Tufts.

Kelly Shaw MS RD
Nutrtion Specialist
Tufts Dining

Online Resources

Online nutrition facts, ingredients, and allergens are easily available for food served in all Tufts Dining campus locations. The steps to access the ingredient, nutrition, and allergen information are:

  • Go to our website:
  • Go to NUTRITION on the top navigation menu
  • Select “Online Nutrition Interface”
  • Select a dining location
  • Click on the “apple” icon
  • Click on the menu item(s) for which you want the nutritional information
  • The ingredients and allergens will be displayed.

Another helpful tool is the allergen filter on our website in the menus section. It can be used to get a list of foods either containing or not containing a chosen allergen.

To set allergen filters to show which menu items either "contain" or "does not contain" the respective allergen(s):

  • Select a dining location
  • Click on "set filter" in upper right corner of screen
  • "Set allergens filter" pop-up window will appear
  • Select one or more allergens

Select either “contains” or “does not contain” and hit “apply” to get a list of menu items that comply with your selection.