As of 2/21/21 Carmichael + Dewick accept reservations on the Mobile App for in person food selection. Bring Your Reusable Bag!

Kosher and Halal Dining

Kosher Dining at Tufts

Tufts Dining offers several options for those who keep kosher, including a Glatt Kosher Deli, Shabbat meals at the Granoff Family Hillel Center, and kosher for Passover foods.

Pax et Lax Glatt Kosher Deli (located in the Mayer Campus Center) serves made-to-order meat-based, vegetarian, and pareve deli sandwiches (with a kosher pickle spear of course!). The popular deli is open for lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday. During dinner, there is also a delectable hot sandwich menu.

From Corned Beef or Pastrami on Rye to housemade Chicken Salad, Grilled Portobello, or a Cajun Falafel on Pita, there’s a lot of flavor and variety in the sandwiches and sides at Pax et Lox Glatt Kosher Deli. Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers also have numerous vegetarian and vegan menu items such as soup every day as well as frequent fish selections throughout the week. Many students who keep kosher at Tufts eat in our dining centers, take out from Pax et Lox Glatt Kosher Deli, eat at Hillel on Shabbat, and frequent other campus dining locations depending on their personal dietary preferences.

Tufts Dining provides kosher for Passover food tables in both Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers (for all students celebrating Passover). Students who would like to take out lunch or dinner from Pax et Lox and join their friends at Carmichael or Dewick can do so by going to Pax et Lox first and then swiping in again at Carmichael or Dewick. However, for 2020-21, seating is limited and entry may be by reservation only due to social distancing and hygiene practices.

Halal Dining at Tufts

Tufts Dining offers daily halal options at lunch and dinner in several locations.

Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers have halal grilled chicken available for lunch and dinner every day. Halal hamburgers and hot dogs are cooked to order upon request at any time. All whole chicken breasts and thighs sourced by Tufts University are halal and are featured in our regular rotation on the dining center menus in prepared dishes. Halal beef flank steak is available upon request whenever beef flank steak appears on the menu.

Halal recipes are indicated in the title of the recipe. Pita at Hodgdon Food-on-the-Run serves a tasty halal chicken shawarma. Ingredient information is posted at the point-of-service for all food served. The title and ingredient information for all recipes can be found on the Nutrition Cards in the dining centers or in our online menus. Any dish that contains alcohol is either labeled with an alcohol icon or is listed in the ingredients in our online menus or on Nutrition Cards. Please consult the online menu for the most current information regarding available halal options and contact our Tufts Dining Dietitian, Kelly Shaw, if you have questions about halal dining at Tufts.

When Ramadan occurs while school is in session, arrangements are offered for Muslim students on Tufts meal plans. Students can convert the value of meals that will be missed while fasting into meal money. The meal money can be spent at campus dining locations or with our off-campus food merchant partners. To qualify, students must first obtain authorization by contacting the Muslim chaplain prior to making arrangements through Tufts Dining Services.

For more information on kosher or halal dining at Tufts, please contact our Tufts Dining dietitian:

Kelly Shaw MS RD
Nutrition Specialist
Tufts Dining