Halal Dining

Tufts Dining has daily halal options at lunch and dinner in Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center.  For lunch, halal protein choices include either a hamburger or hot dog grilled to order. At dinner, either halal chicken (breast or thigh) or steak is offered. Students should request the halal char-grilled protein from the culinarian at the station, and the protein will be cooked to order. The exact halal item being featured can be found by referencing the Dewick menu online at:

In addition, the chicken thigh meat sourced for the university is halal. When chicken thighs are served, whether in our residential dining centers or retail locations, the information posted will indicate that the item is halal. The chicken breast in some hot food items may also be halal. As ingredient information is posted at the point-of-service for all food served, customers have the ability to review ingredients to determine whether a particular food is permissible according to Islamic law.

Special meal arrangements are offered for Muslim students on meal plans when Ramadan is observed while school is in session. Meal Plan holders are able to convert the value of meals that will be missed (while fasting) into meal money. The meal money can be spent at campus dining facilities or with our off-campus food merchant partners. To qualify, students must first obtain authorization by contacting the Muslim chaplain prior to making arrangements through Tufts Dining Services.