Updated 4/21/21 Observing Ramadan, Orthodox Easter, or want to know when Spring Meal Plans end?

Carmichael Dining CenterUphill just off the Residential Quad


To get food at Carmichael, you reserve a time on the Tufts Dining Mobile App. Show up at your designated time, don’t forget! Then walk through Carmichael’s serving line, select your menu for takeout (with physical distancing, of course), and head out with your delectable meal. Don’t forget, we’ll serve you and put your food in takeout containers. There is no self-serve (except where designated).

Bring your reusable bag!!! With SO much takeout, we need you to recycle NOW more than ever. ALL of our containers are fully recyclable (rinse or empty first, please!).

Seating: there is limited seating: first come first serve. Please limit your stay to 45 minutes and observe the safety guidelines. 

Carmichael Dining Center is known for its friendly, home-like atmosphere. Our creative chef team and our relationships with local farmers help us bring delicious right to you. Create your own Mediterranean Pita nights make customizing your meal easy. Hearty salads and vegetarian entrees are always on the menu. Comfort foods include our own pizza baked on homemade dough from freshly milled and regionally grown wheat. Healthy grilled chicken breast is almost always on the menu along with burgers, veggie burgers, and a choice of toppings. Look for new hot menu items with ramped-up flavors and extra delicious recipes inspired from cuisine around the world. Be sure that themed menus and several Dining Center events will continue this spring! Watch for teasers on Tufts Dining Facebook and Twitter

As you get used to the new ways, look for our smiles beneath our masks! Smile back! Students make our day sweeter. Speaking of sweet, our fresh berries, Smoothie Tuesdays, and homemade desserts baked daily aren’t going anywhere except out the door with you!

See today's menu for the full spread.

Late Night at Carmichael is on HOLD.

 There will be NO Late Night until further notice in compliance with the State of Massachusetts Stay at Home Advisory.

Need a late-night snack or meal on Friday or Saturday after studying? Starting Oct. 2nd, Carmichael will be open from 10p to 12.30a (hello, mac n cheese!). We confess, there may be a lot of comfort food (just what our students ask for). Stay tuned for more information on Late Night Carmichael and check the Mobile App on Oct 2 for what to do if you want to go to Late Night Carmichael. Could it be easier? We don’t think so.

Learn more about Late Night at Carmichael.



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