Meal Plans

Tufts Dining meal plans are a great way to enjoy the delicious, award-winning food on campus. With all the convenience, flexibility, and variety they bring to the table, our meal plans have you covered.


For undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff, Tufts meal plans make dining easy at Tufts. Take advantage of our fresh food ready when you want it—on your way to class, in between meetings, or at the end of a busy day.


Our meal plans fit all kinds of needs and schedules. Are you an undergraduate student looking to make the most out of on-campus dining? Our Premium Meal Plan covers you for every meal—and more. Are you a graduate student or a faculty or staff member looking to eat only when you're on campus? We have meal plans for just that.


Need a quick snack? Or a full meal? No problem! Our menus offer a wide variety of delicious and healthy choices. From large, colorful salad bars to Asian rice and noodle bowls to whole-grain pancakes, we have something for everyone. Feast on Vegan Chick’n Fajitas, Honey Chipotle Pork Loin, Chicken Picatta, Miso Marinated Salmon, homemade pizzas (including vegan options), freshly carved meats and poultry, organic beans and whole grains, indulgent desserts—like our Ultimate Chocolate Cheesecake—and more. Just don’t forget to come hungry.

Pick a Plan

At Tufts Dining, we make eating easy, healthy, and delicious. We have several meal plan options for undergraduate and graduate students—and we have plans specifically for graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Our plans are flexible, simple to use, and a terrific value. Pick the one that’s right for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

In 2016, once again, Tufts Dining was ranked in the top 20 by The Princeton Review for “Best Campus Food”. Stop by one of our many locations and find out why!