Meal Money

If you’re a Tufts student looking for a convenient, cashless way to plan and pay for food on campus, Meal Money is the way to go. Like JumboCash, Meal Money works as a debit plan but for food only—and all you need is your student ID to pay with Meal Money. It's easy.

Open a Meal Money account at the Tufts Dining Administration Office with an initial purchase of $100, and add Meal Money to your account in increments of $25 or more.

Any Meal Money you don't use during fall term will roll over to spring term. However, Meal Money left in your account at the end of spring term will be forfeited. Extra Meal Money is not refunded, so be sure to use your Meal Money before the end of the school year.

Purchase Meal Money or Open a Meal Money Account

To purchase Meal Money or open a Meal Money account, come to the Tufts Dining Administration Office weekdays between 9 am and 4:30 pm

Tufts Dining Administration Office
89-91 Curtis Street
Somerville, MA 02144