Trayless Initiative

Carmichael & Dewick are now trayless!

Tufts Dining has gone trayless at Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers after a successful Pilot Program in Carmichael during the spring of 2010.

Tufts University President Larry Bacow expressed his enthusiastic support stating, “This is the right thing to do on so many levels. This was a student initiative that will save water, energy, and food and reduce waste. As a university that is committed to sustainability, we ought to be leaders, not followers in this area.”

Many peer institutions have adopted trayless dining in the past few years, and the student-led initiative at Tufts stemmed from the Fall 2009 Environmental Action: Shifting from Saying to Doing ExCollege class. In the Pilot Program at Carmichael Dining Center, food waste was reduced by 30% and electricity use was reduced by 17.5%.

Eliminating trays:

  • Reduces food waste. Food waste was reduced 30% in Tufts’ Trayless Pilot Program.
  • Saves water and energy used in washing trays and extra dishes. Electricity was reduced 17.5% in Tufts’ Trayless Pilot Program.
  • Supports Tufts Climate Initiative to reduce carbon emissions [by reducing energy usage].
  • Reduces detergents in the waste stream.
  • Helps create environmental awareness and enables students to actively contribute to making a significant environmental impact.
  • Reinforces a healthier lifestyle because overeating is not as easy.  

To facilitate the switch to Trayless Dining at Carmichael & Dewick:

  • As students requested, new, larger (12oz) cups have replaced 8oz cups. The new 12-oz cups hold 50% more than the prior 8-oz cups. Versus using two smaller 8-oz cups as students had done in the past, the 12-oz cups save water and energy when washing and make it easier to serve and carry what you want.
  • Silverware has been moved. Silverware is now located near the plates to make it more convenient.
  • The dish return area has been improved. New solid shelves have been added to the dish return to make it easier to return your dishes.