Catering on the Boston Campus

Corporate Chefs (CC) is the University’s Strategic Supplier for Catering on the Boston campus. As a Strategic Supplier Partner, the University has established a long-term, competitive award to Corporate Chefs for the supply of food and catering service to the University. As part of their contract, CC is granted the first refusal for any catering business held on the Health Sciences campus. All event planners are expected to make all reasonable effort to use their services whenever possible.

Corporate Chefs has extensive experience as a caterer, and can provide all types of catering services from a simple coffee break, to a buffet lunch or an evening reception and formal dinner. Corporate Chefs brings extensive catering experience to the Tufts campus. The menu is but a sampling of the wide range of foods available for every campus need. They offer convenient, on-line ordering, or you can call Corporate Chefs to speak to a catering coordinator to book your event.

Additional information on Corporate Chefs catering can be found at:

Contact Stacy at 6-0540 or at to discuss your event, obtain a quote, or book your order.