Benefits of JumboCash

Advantages of JumboCash

  • Can be used at over 40 campus dining and service locations* to pay for everything from meals, snacks, and drinks to laundry, books, school supplies, and personal care items
  • Students save 7% on meals on campus and 17% on campus laundry machines (versus cash)
  • Can be used at 14 off-campus restaurants to dine in, take-out or delivery (where available), as well as a drug store and two convenience stores (alcohol, tobacco products, lottery tickets and gift cards excluded)
  • Conveniently accessed through your Tufts ID
  • Eliminates the hassle of carrying cash
  • Safer than cash [because you can have your card deactivated if it is lost or stolen]
  • Saves you time [because a quick swipe is all you need–you don’t have to wait for change]
  • Carries over from term to term

*JumboCash can be used at all on-campus locations (Carmichael and Dewick Dining Centers, Hodgdon Good-to-Go Take-Out, Hotung Café, Commons Grill & Deli, Brown & Brew Coffee House, Tower Café at Tisch Library, Jumbo Express Convenience Store, Rezquad Café, and The Rez), as well as the Bookstore, Campus Center Info Booth, vending machines, on-campus washers and dryers, to pay fines at the Tisch & Ginn Libraries, purchase parking permits or lost IDs at Public Safety Administrative Services, purchase tickets at the Aidekman Arts Complex Box Office. JumboCash can also be used to pay for printing and copying in campus libraries and computer centers.