FAQs – Meal Plans

Frequently asked questions about our meal plans.

Where can you use Meal Plan meals?

Meal Plan meals are redeemable at Carmichael, Dewick-MacPhie, or Hodgdon Food-On-the-Run.

What does the Premium Plan’s “unlimited access” really mean?

Students on the Premium Plan have total flexibility to go in and out of Carmichael and Dewick as many times a day as desired (e.g., whenever you’re hungry or thirsty, you can have a meal or grab a quick drink or snack). However, during any given meal period (breakfast, lunch or dinner), access to Hodgdon is denied if an equivalent Meal Plan meal is redeemed at Carmichael or Dewick during that same meal period (and vice versa).

What happens to unused meals at the end of the term?

Students can use meals (for themselves or for guests) any time throughout the term. However, unused meals cannot be carried forward from one term to the next. Use the Use Meals Don’t Lose Meals chart to assist you in determining what your average weekly balance should be each week in order to use all meals by the end of the term.

Can I use my Meal Plan for guests?

Four guest meals per term are provided with the Premium Meal Plan. Students on all other meal plans may bring guests to meals by deducting a meal for each guest, by using a host student’s JumboCash, or by paying the outside guest rate in cash.

What students must enroll in Meal Plans and which plans?

All first year and second year students are required to live on campus and enroll in a meal plan based on academic standing. First year students must enroll in the Premium Plan. Second year and transfer students living on campus in non-exempt housing are required to enroll in the Premium Plan, the 220 Meal Plan, or the 160 Meal Plan. Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students many (but are not required to) enroll in any of the 6 meal plans offered.

How do I enroll in a Meal Plan or change my Meal Plan?

You may change your meal plan through the SIS Portal. You also have the option to contact the Tufts Dining Administration Office at 89 Curtis Street, 2nd floor. You may call 617-627-3566 or visit in person week days between 9am-4:30pm.

So why did you change the Program?

In the past, 4 of the 6 Meal Plans had Dining Dollars attached. In order to give students more flexibility, and to address their varying needs, we decided to remove the Dining Dollars from the plans, combine Dining Dollars with the former Points Plus, and give students the option of how much they want to purchase. In doing this, we dropped the cost of those meal plans which had included Dining Dollars by the amount of Dining Dollars. Now, you get to choose the amount of JumboCash you wish to have in addition to your Meal Plan.