Dining Administration Office(617) 627-3566
Meal Plan ChangesYanick Lafontant
Sonya Johnson
(617) 627-3566
(617) 627-2562
Nutrition/Marketing SpecialistJulie Lampie(617)
Director of Dining and Business
Patti Klos(617)
Brown and Brew & Mugar Dining ManagerArthur RigordaEva(617)
Catering Unit ManagerEric Hamel(617)
Carmichael Unit ManagerPeter Kourafalos(617)
Campus Center General ManagerSabrina McCarthy(617)
Central Production ManagerJohn Fisher(617)
Dewick-MacPhie Unit ManagerJohn Beaulac(617)
Hodgdon Good-to-Go ManagerMike Falconer(617)
Faculty Dining ManagerDante Goytizolo(617)
Data Systems AdministratorSonya Johnson(617)
FoodPro AdministratorMary Hill(617)
Manager Staffing & TrainingMichael DeSimone(617)
Manager Food Service PurchasingPaul Denaro(617)
Business Operations ManagerConstance Leccese(617)