Misuse and Misconduct

Access to the dining centers and use of your meal plan and debit plan are controlled by the magnetic stripe on the back of your Tufts I.D. Only YOU are authorized to use your I.D. card – – misuse may result in disciplinary action.

Students on meal plans are allowed to eat as much food as they wish while in Carmichael and Dewick-MacPhie Dining Centers. You are ONLY allowed to take out ONE SNACK for consumption later such as:

A piece of fruit, ice cream cone, or a single food item, and
A beverage container such as the Tufts Choose to Reuse water bottle, filled with water

However – behavior such as stuffing your backpack with food or bringing in containers to take out entire meals is not acceptable.
Removal of egregious amounts of food will not be tolerated. When approached by Dining management, students are expected to cooperate fully. Failure to do so will subject the student to the student affairs judicial process and possibly fines.